As a member of LIARFC you have been offered a very special deal from a pioneering Irish company.  IMPACT Gumshields, originally founded in Dublin, now supplies many top-level sports people including internationals.

IMPACT designs, manufactures and supplies one of the newest, most innovative, bespoke made Gumshields in the global market place.  They are clinically proven to be as good as or better than other well known, bespoke made brands.

This is NOT a ‘boil in the bag’ gumshield and there is NONE of the old putty causing ‘gagging’ during the fitting process.  They have developed a new, less intrusive, state of the art, 3D scanning process, all done in approximately 2-3 minutes by fully trained technicians.  Details are then sent to their laboratory, where each personalised IMPACT Gumshield is created by 3D printer, a completely new concept for manufacturing gumshields.

IMPACT are offering a 20% discount to LIARFC members, this means you could have a properly fitted gumshield for only £48 (Normal price – £60).

 IMPACT will be attending the Start of Season Social at Hazelwood on Sunday 9th September and gumshields would be ready for collection from the clubhouse on the following Sunday (16th September).

Click on this link to book your session for Sunday 9 September:

 You can see a full and detailed understanding of how IMPACT’s process and technologies work here and also at our website