Wild Geese v Barnstaple: Preview

FREE ENTRY so please come along for this vital game

To say that this is a ‘must win’ game for the Wild Geese on Saturday coming 1st April, versus Barnstaple at Hazelwood, would be stating the obvious again. However, that is the reality that faces the Wild Geese – not only this week but next week as well, may I stress.

Our visitors are immediately above the Wild Geese in the league table and defeated us comfortably in North Devon in November. They also had a recent close run game with Taunton Titans to add to their Rugby CV. Hence, nothing can be taken for granted, particularly with our injury woes being as they are.

Your support on Saturday at Hazelwood will not only be very welcome but is much needed. The kick-off will be 3.00 pm.

Preview from John S Hunter

The Wild Geese team will be: K O’Sullivan, K Gibson, C Connor; C Haggett, G Drye; S Moore (Capt.), T Bush, H Rowland; T Barker, D Grant-Adamson; G Owen, B Meeson, B Kitching, O Turner; D Birtwistle. The replacements will be E Fraher, M Bunn, J Touma, L Martin, and M Killeen.