[quote_left]NYAC are probably the best club in the country[/quote_left]

The Wild Geese travelled to New York for a “friendly” end of season fixture against New York Athletic Club, one of the leading sides in USA rugby.

The game was played in the hosts’ country club estate on Travers Island, New York, on a hot and humid Saturday June 4th. NYAC showed their colours early on with a breakaway try, by a quick and dangerous back line, to take the lead which they held for the rest of the first half.

The Geese, however, were becoming more dominant in the scrummage, pushing NYAC at will and were unfortunate not to be awarded any penalties, despite this dominance. The Geese also showed how they intended to play the game, by not taking any penalty kicks at goal, rather going for line outs or quick taps.

[blockquote]Playing for the opposition were two American Eagles and a nation 7s player[/blockquote]

As the game progressed The Geese shook off their travel weariness and slowly took control, securing the lion’s share of possession from most phases, but particularly scrum and lineout and accommodating refereeing decisions, which took some time to get used to. Early in the second half The Geese took the lead through Tom Barker and held onto it to the final whistle.

It was a tough no-nonsense game, against strong opponents, that rounded off a fine season and our thanks go the NYAC for their welcome and hospitality.

[blockquote]Report from Adrian Mulleady[/blockquote]

Wild Geese 2016-06-04 NYAC a

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