Why your team’s fixtures are not listed on this site

Our challenge: An up-to-date Fixture List that can be trusted to be accurate

One of the objectives we have for this site is to have an accurate, up-to-date fixture list for every team in every mini and youth age group and senior squads.

Clearly that will be a lot of work if the site is updated manually; it would rely on coaches and managers letting the web team know about changes – and in mini and youth there can be a lot of changes, even the day beforehand. And it assumes the web team are available most of the time to actually implement the update.

But, we have a solution – one with added benefits for parents, players, coaches and team managers – Teamstuff.

My name is Martin Gammon and I am an U13 parent. I have the Teamstuff app on my phone and also use the desktop browser to view details. Using this, I can indicate the unavailability of my son for specific dates, find out which team his is playing in, where the match is – with a Google Maps link – and what time it will kick off. Plus, he can see who else has been selected.

Our Coaches can select the players for each match, inform parents about the selection (and we can accept) and know that we have the up-to-date information. Changes are made and immediately communicated, so on Sunday morning we know we have the latest information.
As you might expect, the activity produces a Fixtures Calendar for the team – one that is always right up-to-date. This calendar is available to this LIARFC website. Most importantly, the information is checked by the website on an hourly basis.

On the U13 page on this site is a sidebar containing details of the next few fixtures. There is also a full calendar available. One I can trust. Check out the page now. The web team have even added the current league table to the foot of the page – how cool is that?

Want Teamstuff for your team?
There is a page on this site that tells you more and how to use Teamstuff for your age group and team.