[quote_left]This post will be stuck to the front page for a while for new beta testers to see when they open the site.[/quote_left]

Firstly a bit thank you for offering to help us test this site. When people come to websites there are (almost) always no instructions and that’s the way we have planned this. We might add a few hints for the main launch, but for our beta testers*, no clues!

Please play, search, roam, select, explore. Then let us know what you think. Tell us what is good, what does not work, what else we could do to make it idea for you. On the left-hand side of your screen you will find an orange button to open the feedback form as a pop-up so you will stay on this page.

[blockquote]It is better for us if you send feedback in small chunks about a particular page or section – so preferable to send lots of separate bits of feedback rather than one huge email listing everything. If something does not behave as you are expecting, please be a precise as you can about what you were doing.

Have fun!

*Beta testing is the process of subjecting a product to testing by real customers in their real environments before its release. It adds a key dimension to quality testing, with its unscripted use and wide variety of environments that can’t be replicated in a lab setting.