[quote_left]Update 11 November[/quote_left]
The initial solar powered Geese Deterrent unit has continued to work well and it has now been successfully applied on the plateau. We encountered a little problem soon after it was installed on the Plateau in that someone locally took issue with it and on one occasion took it upon himself / herself to take it away and hide it. Thankfully after a few hours of searching the unit was located near the lake pump house lying flat in the grass and was immediately reinstalled. However as the unit was lying in the grass for most of the day, the solar panel did not get a chance to recharge and therefore the geese got an extra 24 hours stay of execution.


Head groundsman Steve Tingly and his team hired in a special cleaning machine to hoover up the existing poo on the plateau. The machine did a good job, however at a cost of £500 a go is not something we would hope to have to do too often in the year.

The Plateau being so isolated means theft, vandalism and people taking issues with our little geese deterrent unit are all concerns, however these are risks that have to be taken to keep the plateau geese poo free.

The second solar powered Geese Deterrent has arrived from the USA and has been installed beside pitch 3, so we are hopefully winning the battle for now, however nothing can be taken for granted. We have had one piece of feedback from our previous article which suggested using a bird scarer, big banger which we will follow up on further, however as we are trying to do everything we can to befriend our neighbours we do not want to do anything to keep them awake at night.

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[quote_left]The story so far[/quote_left]

As you may be aware, Hazelwood has been having problems with Canadian Wild Geese encroaching from a nearby farm and messing on the grounds. Richie Ryan from Hazelwood has provided this information on what is being done.

[blockquote]If you want to contact Ritchie about this you can email him[/blockquote]

This autumn Hazelwood has been plagued with Canadian Geese, we believe the sudden attraction of Hazelwood is due to the farm on the left-hand side, just down from the graveyard being turned into a lake following recent massive excavation. This has in essence made Hazelwood as attractive to the Canadian Geese as a riverside lawn.

The Geese have left their mess on all parts of Hazelwood from the first team pitch through the whole site to the top paddock. The top paddock being further away from the clubhouse has suffered much worse than the pitches / area at the clubhouse side of the fence.

When the Geese arrived first it was assumed it was a short term problem, possibly geese gathering before migrating for the winter. However, we now know that Canadian Geese do not migrate so potentially the Geese problem may be an ongoing problem for Hazelwood.

[blockquote]If you want to to be kept up-to-date about developments email and let us know[/blockquote]

To begin with, Hazelwood grounds team tried to frighten then away by driving one of the tractors straight at them, and again repeat this as soon as the Geese came back, on some occasions they have been chased away in this manner three times in a single day. After a period of sustained ‘chasing’ there is often a ‘Goose free period’, sadly this only lasts a few days. Overall the chasing has limited their unwanted stay at the clubhouse side of the fence, but it is much more difficult to police the Paddock as it is not easy to see when they are ‘in residence’. However, the grounds staff have recently taken to patrolling this area more regularly.

Over the last number of weeks, the grounds team have done a lot of research on how best to legally get rid of unwanted geese. We have for a number of weeks now being talking to the Lensbury Club, who being near the river have a similar problem. The All Blacks when they stayed and trained at the Lensbury in the week leading up to the World Cup final last year had similar Geese poo issues as we are having now, and they were not impressed in having to train in such conditions.

Back in October both Lensbury and Hazelwood purchased trial Geese Deterrent units from the USA. The unit a solar-powered light that is scarcely noticeable to humans but very disruptive to the sleep of the geese, causing them to find another habitat after just a few restless nights. This has been tested for the last three weeks around pitch 3, the results so far are broadly positive however it needs a longer trial period before a final assessment can be made. The Lensbury have not given us their feedback yet on their trials.

In light of the level of geese poo on the plateau, a decision has been made this morning to move the solar light to the top paddock while an order has been placed for a second unit. Other avenues are also being researched, one I am told that could work is the flying of drones around the geese which apparently irritates them hugely.

Various methods have been trailed to mop up the goose poo including using a roller (the hope was the poo would stick to the roller) but no solution other than the obvious one of going around with shovels has been identified.

[blockquote]If you want to to be kept up-to-date about developments email and let us know[/blockquote]