[blockquote]This weekend saw London Irish Mini’s section walk away victorious from a 4 way festival with the other Premiership Clubs.

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On a crisp and blustery Sunday morning the A & B teams at U7s through to U12s from London Irish, Harlequins, Saracens gathered at the Wasps training ground in Acton.

In a very well run event Wasps kept the children moving and warm by organising clubs to play against each other, followed by a play-off game depending on preceding results.

Then these results were taken from each age group to see who would win the overall Premiership Festival across all age groups.

With great style London Irish swept the board, winning the U7, U8, U10 and U12 sections of the festival making them overall festival winners by some margin.

Below some reports from the LIA age groups and some photos too, a fantastic day for all the children participating.


Out of the 24 matches we played across the A & B sections won 20, drew 2 and lost 2 matches with an average try haul of over 9 and only conceding an average of 6. Most impressive about the festival was not the fact that we won overall, but was the manner in which we played. All 4 of our sides were highly motivated and most importantly demonstrated the ability to work as a team in both attack and defence. These factors aligned to the natural ability of the boys ensured a very successful, rewarding and enjoyable.


A good outing for the U8s, both A & B squads won 4 from 4. Notably the A’s managed an 8 – 2 victory over Wasps without a single handling error in the match, the B’s had a tough 2nd match against Wasps but showed real determination to overturn a 3-1 deficit at half time, winning 6-5 with the last play of the game.


The U9 A squad played hard to finish joint winners with Wasps. We had a huge improvement from many players in tackling techniques and completing tackles.

The U9 B squad B won two and lost one and came second behind Wasps in the pool.


Both the A & B team won all four of their matches thus making them outright winner at U10’s

Some fierce defence saw not one try conceded by either A or B team in any of their pool games, with their total number of trys reaching double figures.

Fatigue started to set in on the final 4th match and both the A and B team conceded a try losing their clean sheet, but both comfortably won their games.

A great age group performance.


The U11s had a good day picking up as the morning went on, the As winning 2, losing 1 in the pool stages and the Bs had an even spread of 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss before going into the playoff.


The U12s had a great day with both A and B squads winning all their games, making them the outright winners. They scored nineteen times and didn’t concede a single try, another fantastic age group performance.