RFU Changes to promotion and relegation

This follows the collapse of London Welsh

The impact on promotion and relegation is covered in RFU regulation 13.2.8. Its effect on our clubs can be summarised as follows

  • Championship
    • no club will be relegated
  • National 1
    • top of league will be promoted to the Championship
    • bottom two clubs will be relegated to National 2
  • National 2
    • top team in each league will be promoted
    • second placed teams in the two leagues will play off and the winner will be promoted to National 1
    • bottom two clubs in both leagues will be relegated to National 3
    • the playing records of the two clubs in 14th position in their leagues will be compared and the one with the poorest playing record for the season will be relegated to National 3
There will obviously be a cascade effect on league level 5 and below.