[quote_left]A: When it’s being played by children[/quote_left]

[quote_right]This is a plea from Surrey Rugby for your very best behaviour pitchside.[/quote_right]

As we near the final third of the season and the leagues and Cup competitions come to their final weeks, inevitably there is perhaps more at stake and more to play for, and it is already noticeable that the number of cases of abuse, safeguarding issues and foul language both on and off the pitch has increased markedly.

In the last few weeks there have been cases of swearing at children, coaches repeatedly entering the field of play to manhandle boys, and officials coming under verbal attack from parents and players and coaching staff. This is simply unacceptable and where the Surrey Committee or London Society are made aware of such issues, they will be deal with in a full and robust way.

[blockquote]This has been circulated to all Surrey clubs – it is not directed solely at LIARFC! Still very good advice, though.[/blockquote]

I would reiterate again the core values of our great game, and if players and teams and coaches cannot play by those then they should not be in Rugby. We risk the game being brought down to the level of some other sports in terms of the behaviour and we are already under scrutiny from some quarters looking to ban this or that about the game. We must raise our standards and look to challenge poor behaviour at games.

Can I please ask that you remind all your players, coaches and parents to heighten their awareness of the need to respect the players and officials who are doing the best they can.

This isn’t the Premiership, it is children’s rugby, and winning is not the be all and end all of what we do!