Please Keep off the Lawn. Let me explain why.

10 March 2017

Steve Tingsley, Groundsman, LIARFC

Yes, we have a lawn area at Hazelwood. Who knew?


A plea from Steve and Dean

As mentioned last week, we have received a couple of questions relating to why parents are asked to not stand around pitches watching their ankle biters playing rugby on The Clubhouse Lawn area.

A little background: when the club were housed in The Avenue, the Mini Rugby on Sunday mornings was played in St Paul’s School, which was next door to London Irish. It was envisaged that when moving to our new home The Hazelwood Centre each team would have its very own pitch. However, this is far from the case as there is not enough usable space within the grounds to cater for everyone’s needs. Also to ask the U5 and U6 children to walk as far as the plateau and back is not really acceptable especially on poor weather days.

The Lawn area between the Clubhouse and Pitch 1 was always meant to have been a Lawn rather than a playing area. However due to the lack of usable space close to the clubhouse we need to have the minis playing on the lawn on Sundays.

It is the first thing our visitors see when entering the site whether they be other clubs, representatives from associations or, as more recently, from The NFL who bring team reps and officials to Hazelwood to see for themselves the facilities that we can provide should they come and train at Hazelwood. Fiona, the manager at Hazelwood, sells the bar as a function room and the Lawn is a big part of that during, say, a wedding as a backdrop.

Unfortunately, The Lawn Area is not constructed in the same manner as the pitches, it is drained but has a soil profile and is more likely to smear the surface if constant walking up and down, people milling around while watching etc.

So we would ask that parents watch from the pathway outside the clubhouse rather than add to the smearing effect on the Lawn. All less than ideal, I know, but it’s about house-keeping and being able to impress other potential users of the Centre.

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