Pitch Allocation: An Introduction

17 February 2017

Maurice Anderson, Pitch Allocation, LIARFC

Maurice Anderson

Maurice Anderson, our Pitch Allocation Officer, gives an introduction to what he does

How does your age group end up playing on a particular patch of grass each Sunday?


– As with the tried and tested method which saw London Irish through many years at The Avenue there are pre designated areas for each of the Mini age groups, I’m sure you are all familiar with your patch by now . There are some adjustments from time to time if perhaps there is joint training sessions with other clubs were we have certain age groups home & away or West London League events.


– The youth teams require a full pitch for matches and generally half pitch for training. There is no hard and fast rule as to which age group is allocated to a particular pitch. Each team has their preference, for example some prefer grass to the 4G pitch. It may not always be possible to give a team their first choice pitch but on the whole all the groups are an understanding bunch and tend to just get on with it.

Another factor taken into consideration is Pitch 3, it is heavily used for training midweek and we try and rest it if possible at the weekends especially in the winter months.

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