Moving the pitches from Winter into Spring

3 March 2017

3G pitch, LIARFC

Just like your garden, the pitches are preparing for spring. It’s a time when the pitches can be too wet but also too dry at times due to the windy conditions at Hazelwood – the sandy surface dries out quite quickly. Consequently, the irrigation system is being opened up again in readiness for the coming weeks. During the colder months the system is shut down, and emptied to avoid freezing water, burst pipes and expensive damage to sprinklers (which are not the ones you can buy for £20 at Homebase!)

Steve Tingley, our Head Groundsman, shares his latest Hazelwood Diary entry

Rolling and marking of pitches is an on-going requirement as well as spiking to open up the surface of the playing areas to help water drain and air to get in.

Four times a year, the 4G needs to be de-compacted to keep the surface in tip-top condition. A special brush is passed over the surface of the pitch to lift out the rubber crumb (those little black bits that you take off the pitch with you) and stand up the fibres so they don’t matt together. The rubber drops back into the upstanding fibre and the surface is ready for play. On top of this the 4G will be brushed as a matter of course each week to lift the fibres and even out the rubber.

We have been asked a couple of questions from parents about why they are asked not to stand around the outside of the pitches – particularly outside the clubhouse. Next time we will give our point of view on that.

Enjoy your rugby

Steve and Dean

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