John S Hunter: a personal appreciation

 John has submitted his very last Wild Geese match report; he is retiring from the role at the end of this season.

When I first took over the website, John made a point of contacting me about the importance of the correct use of the apostrophe; fortunately I agreed with him. It was a good start.

In the past two years that I have managed the club website, John has been my most loyal and consistent contributor; even when he was unable to watch the matches in person, he took the time to gather information and opinion in order that he could fashion a report. He saw it, I think, as a duty to the club; a duty he had committed to fulfill.

As John has alluded to in his final report, his words have not always been complimentary. There is a line to be trodden here between reports on professional games (when highlighting weak performers by name is acceptable) and mini  rugby when confirmation and praise in undoubtedly the order of the day. John has walked both sides of that line over the years.

For me, reporting is far more than just recording the result and the scorers. The correspondent is beholden to add some insight to the performance and this is John’s strength. By imposing a rule to avoid naming individual poor performances or plays, his reports have displayed a wider personal view and insight into the games. I have always felt this was important, even essential, aspect of his writing and I am proud to have supported him in this.

The next contributor is not my decision – the Club Executive will make this appointment. Their style will be different, of course, but I look forward to the same measure of robustness, honestly, insight and impartiality that John has so ably displayed over the years.

Thank you, John, for all your support.


This is a personal appreciation by Martin Gammon, who edits the website. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the Club Executive.