Hi from Steve Tingley

28 January 2017

Steve Tingley, Groundsman, LIARFC

Championship Sports Surfacing has had a relationship with London Irish since 1996, when under a different name we were contracted to maintain the pitches at The Avenue. Other than a short spell around the turn of the millennium we have managed the clubs pitches ever since.

The club has come a long way during that time and the resources with regard to the pitches is so much better now. At The Avenue with only four pitches in total the site was used far more than its capability and pitches were trashed during the season.

At Hazelwood we have the ability to move around the site saving pitches and areas to ensure pitches remain in better condition throughout the entire season and still meet the needs of all the different age groups, including the professional side of the club.

Both myself and my son Dean, who is a level 3 qualified groundsman, plan and work at the club, there is little going on at this time of the year but through this newsletter we aim to keep you up to speed with pitchworks throughout the year, in our next blog we will explain the difference between each of the pitches, why some need more water than others and why some drain better than others.

We are also happy to answer any questions and receive comments (critical and complmentary) you may have. They can be sent in using this form

Until next time

Steve Tingley