On Saturday, against the Twickenham Bulldogs, the Bs romped to their 5th successive win. Under the leadership of Simon, playing his first game after injury, they won with a final score of 46-5.
A good team effort overall with tries aplenty and some great running rugby. A special mention must go to Hussain who started and finished the match on the wing for the Bulldogs, great sportsmanship and very much appreciated by all. A big shout-out must also go to ‘ref of the day’, Mr Terry Gammage, who at short notice stood in and controlled the game in true Terry fashion.

Karl Becker (2)
Seamus Brennan
Scottie (2)
Frank Walsh (2)
Julian Hayes[/quote_left]

Man of the Match:
This was an easy one this week, with the award going to Becker for his sniping work around the fringes, bringing urgency and go-forward to our play all day and masterminding the attack; not to mention two nifty tries of his own

Thanks to all those who came down to watch. If anyone has a spare iron they can lend Paul Murphy please get in touch, he looked like he had been wearing his shirt and trousers whilst in the tumble dryer.