International Tickets

Please note ticket applications for 2017/2018 season must arrive before Monday 18th September 2017.


As a club affiliated to the Rugby Football Union (RFU) we are allocated a limited number of tickets for the Autumn Internationals and the Six Nations Tournament each season. Members who pay their subscription by the end of September may apply for these tickets. Applications are entered into a draw and the winners will be allocated tickets.

There are some terms and conditions as follows:

All tickets ordered and supplied are subject to the Home Union’s ticket terms and conditions a copy of which is available on request.

In particular, no member may sell or dispose of their tickets to anyone if they are not required for the member’s personal use. They should be returned to the Hon Match Ticket Sec.

If you are allocated two (or more) tickets the Club may want to know who will be accompanying you or accompanied you to the game and request back the tickets after the match. Two years ago, a pair of our tickets found their way onto the black market and the Club has been punished by a reduction of our allocation.

If you have any query as to what you are entitled to do with the ticket(s) issued to you please speak with the Hon Match Ticket Secretary

Only London Irish Amateur Club members may apply for Match Tickets.

No member has an automatic right to tickets.

No application is guaranteed, and we have discontinued the Guaranteed Match Ticket Deal this season.

Only two tickets per member per match.

A stamped addressed envelope MUST be enclosed for EACH application. No envelopes = no tickets!

The fee is determined by bank charges, postage, stationery, telephone calls etc. It is non-refundable, whether or not your application is successful.

Payable to LIARFC, Ticket A/C.

No post-dated cheques accepted.

Applications are submitted on the understanding that refunds will not be made until after the final match for which you have applied.

The Match Ticket Secretary will refund all monies due (less admin fee) as soon as is reasonably practical thereafter.

Tickets will be sent out as soon as possible before the match in question, latest 3 weeks before each game.